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Plant Operator FAQ

What is the Lithium Program at Imperial Valley College?

IVC has been working with the local Lithium companies to develop new programs to prepare Imperial Valley residents with the skills and abilities to obtain the anticipated Lithium jobs. Based on projected workforce needs, IVC is rolling out the first Lithium related program in Fall 2023 by starting a new Plant Operator certificate Program.

What is the Plant Operator Program at Imperial Valley College?

The Plant Operator Technology Certificate is designed to prepare students with comprehensive and manipulative skills and technical knowledge to become proficient in plant operations and work in industrial settings/operations, such as geothermal plants, mineral extraction plants, and other industrial operations. As part of the instructional program, students will also qualify to obtain Industry Certifications through the Smart automation certification alliance (SACA), examinations and hands-on testing.

How do I enroll in the Plant Operator Program at Imperial Valley College?

You need to be a current IVC student to register for the Plant Operator Courses. If you are not a current IVC student, please utilize the following steps:

Step 1: Apply to IVC using CCCApply
  Note: Select Learning Pathways: Industrial Technology, and for the Major, select from the following two: Industrial Automation or Plant Operator.
  Note: You will receive an e-mail with your student G Number and links to activate your student email account.
Step 2: Once admitted, Log onto the student portal to activate registration. Fall Registration begins July 5, 2023. Using Webstar, register for the courses you wish to take. Please visit the Admissions and Records page for additional support.

What courses are included in the Plant Operator Program curriculum?

The Plant Operator program includes the following courses:

BLDC 015 HAZMAT Cal/OSHA 10-Hour Card 1 18 Hours Lecture
CIS 120 Microsoft Word I 1 18 Hours Lecture
CIS 124 Excel I 1 18 Hours Lecture
MATH 105 Integrated Math for Technical Fields 3 54 Hours Lecture
WT 105

Computational Procedures Operator I

3 54 Hours Lecture
PLNT 080 Plant Operator I 3 36 Hours Lecture/54 Hours Lab
PLNT 085 Plant Operator II 3 36 Hours Lecture/54 Hours Lab
PLNT 090 Plant Operator III 3 36 Hours Lecture/54 Hours Lab
WE 220 Internship 1 63 Hours Lab


How long does it take to complete the Plant Operator Program?

The Plant Operator Program is designed as a one-year short-term certificate program taking the following courses:

Fall Winter Spring
BLDC 015
CIS 120 or CIS 124
PLNT 080
WT 105
PLNT 085
CIS 120 or CIS 124
WE 220

What career opportunities are available for graduates of the Plant Operator Program?

Graduates of the Plant Operator Program can pursue various career opportunities in industries such as power generation, water treatment, oil and gas, chemical processing, mineral extraction, and manufacturing. They may work as plant operators, maintenance technicians, control room operators, or shift supervisors, among other positions.

Does the Plant Operator Program provide hands-on training?

Yes, the Plant Operator Program at Imperial Valley College emphasizes hands-on training to ensure students develop practical skills. The program includes laboratory sessions, simulations, and opportunities to work with industry-standard equipment.

Are there any internships or cooperative education opportunities available?

Yes, Imperial Valley College collaborates with local industries to offer internships and cooperative education opportunities for students in the Plant Operator Program. These experiences allow students to gain real-world experience and make valuable industry connections. For more information, contact the Imperial Valley College Career Services Center.

Are there any prerequisites for specific courses in the Plant Operator Program?


How many students will be admitted to the Plant Operator Program?

There will be two tracks to accommodate students. One program will be offered during the day, and an evening program in the afternoons. Each track will admit up to 30 students.