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Statements & Press Releases

Imperial Valley College Expresses Solidarity with Those Affected by the Violence in Israel-Gaza

Imperial Valley College Expresses Solidarity with Those Affected by the Violence in Israel-Gaza 

In light of the ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza, Imperial Valley College extends its deepest sympathies to all those affected by the current unrest. The political complexities of the conflict shouldn't overshadow the real human cost. Innocent people are suffering, and this violence can weigh heavily on our community. 

At Imperial Valley College, we understand that during such troubling times, the need for compassionate support and mental health resources is crucial. We are committed to providing our students with the necessary services to help them navigate through these challenging moments. 

Our Mental Health Counseling Services at the IVC Student Health Center are here to support you. We offer confidential, culturally sensitive counseling in individual, couples, family, and group settings. These services are particularly equipped to help with anxiety, stress, depression, and coping with life changes, which can be heightened by international conflicts affecting our community.  

We encourage all students who are finding it difficult to cope with the current situation to take advantage of these services. Our doors are open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and our counselors are ready to assist you in a supportive environment. For more details, please visit our webpage or contact us at (760) 355-6310. You can find us in Room 1536, next to the Assessment Center in the 400 Building.  

During these times, community and support are more important than ever. Let us come together with empathy and understanding to support one another. Remember, you are not alone; the Imperial Valley College community is here to support you.

Imperial Valley College Launches Pioneering Chemical Technician Program to Support Growing Lithium Industry 

Imperial Valley College Launches Pioneering Chemical Technician Program to Support Growing Lithium Industry 

Imperial Valley College (IVC) is thrilled to announce the introduction of its first-ever Chemical Technician Program, uniquely designed to meet the rapidly growing demands of the lithium industry. This new program is a critical component of Phase 2 of the Lithium Industry Force Program (LIFT), aiming to produce highly skilled technicians equipped to support the lithium sector's expansion. 

IVC President/Superintendent Lennor Johnson highlighted the significance of this initiative during a joint press conference with the County of Imperial and regional partners within lithium and geothermal industries on Wednesday, May 1 within the campus boardroom. 

"In today’s rapidly changing world, the importance of having a strong and skilled workforce cannot be overstated,” Dr. Johnson said. “IVC is dedicated to preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow, not just for today." 

The program expects to see its first 25 students complete their certificates in less than two years, with a strong likelihood of immediate employment within the lithium industry, thanks to close partnerships with key industry players.  

"We anticipate beginning our third phase of the LIFT programs in fall of 2025 with the start of our instrumentation technician program," said Efrain Silva, IVC’s Dean of Economics and Workforce Development. "This is the beginning of the journey. The beginning of getting excited about the Lithium Valley concept,” he said.  

IVC’s approach, which includes a heavy emphasis on practical training, reflects industry needs, explained Silva.  

"The one-year certificate programs were requested by lithium and geothermal company leaders to specifically address their needs,” Silva said.  

Dr. Jim Fisher, an IVC Chemistry professor involved in the program’s development, highlighted the educational approach to the emerging program.  

"We want them to be able to focus on procedures and data,” Dr. Fisher said. “They need to understand how to work with equipment, create data from experiments, and handle chemicals effectively." 

The LIFT program has already started making a tangible impact for students within the college’s plant operator course, which was part of Phase 1 of the program. Students in this cohort utilized internship opportunities from geothermal plants and lithium industries. 

“It was overwhelming, but they learned a lot," said Lenie Sarion from Berkshire Hathaway Energy Renewables, reflecting on the feedback from students during the conference.  

Industry support has been robust, with key partnerships shaping this new curriculum and with hands on experience provided through additional internships.  

"This partnership between industry and academia can help students learn and ensure that these opportunities are available for them should they choose to seek it," said Elizabeth Espinoza, Community Affairs Liaison at Energy Source Minerals during the conference.  

As the program prepares to welcome its first class this fall, the excitement is palpable among all stakeholders and county officials alike.  

"This is just the beginning of what the board of supervisors has really wanted to create in Imperial County," expressed District 1 Supervisor Jesus Eduardo Escobar, emphasizing the program's potential to significantly influence local employment and education opportunities. 

IVC’s proactive approach in developing this program also responds to the broader community needs.   

"We are steadfast in our commitment to eradicating poverty in the county," Dr. Johnson stated, highlighting the program’s alignment with the college’s mission to create pathways to access and success for every Imperial Valley community member.