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Fiscal and Facilities Committee (FFC)

Committee Purpose
It is the committee’s purpose to coordinate and integrate college budget and facilities plans and establish budget priorities consistent with the college's vision and mission statements. An annual review of the Tentative and Adopted budgets will be completed for consistency with annual institutional goals and objectives, college plans, and the planning and budget philosophy. The committee will also formulate plans to move the College towards continuous improvement in building appearances, including classrooms, offices, service areas, common areas, parking lots and grounds, in addition to new facility development and construction. Recommended plans and action will be presented to the Integrated Consultation Council.
Chair or co-chairs Membership Meeting Dates

Stacey Browning (Chair)

Miriam Trejo (Co-Chair)

Stacey Browning
Jeff Enz
Melody Chronister
Rosa Contreras
Steve Cauchon
Norma Scott
Miriam Trejo
Douglas Rosette
Athena Chavez
Resource Members:
Cesar Vega
Javier Luna
Maria Lockas
May 29, 2024
August 28, 2024
October 9, 2024
November 13, 2024
December 11, 2024

The committee meets regularly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Time: 2:30 p.m.
Location: Varies