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Imperial Valley College administrators, faculty, and staff gathered May 25 to honor five 2021 retirees as well as a number of employees who are celebrating milestones in employment at the
This year's retirees include two who are closing out a three-decade career at IVC: Stella Orfanos-Woo, and Jesus Esqueda. Both are counselors and professors.
Other retirees include Russell Lavery, astronomy professor, Joann Green, Office Assistant III, and Cecilia Duran, director of Fiscal Services.
The following employees received recognition for their years of employment service to the college, as follows:

5 Years
Kanyi, Michael, Agriculture
Kemp, Elizabeth, ESL
Minor, Monica, Counselor
Morales, Roxanne, CTE Counselor
Pesqueira, Sergio, EOPS/Care Coordinator
Reyes, Barbara, Sociology
Roman, Jose, Industrial Technology
Spence, Cynthia, English
Trevino, Elizabeth, Counselor
Vizcarra, Margarita, Counselor
Gonzalez, Suellen, PT-EOPS Counselor
Greif, David, PT-Sociology
Henderson, Joe, PT-AMSL
Marquez, Miguel, PT-Fire Science

10 Years
Baker, Renee, PT-Music
Ekins, Adam, PT-Political Science
Flores, Salvador, PT-Fire Science
Malek, Robert, PT-Fire Science
Martinez, Eloy, PT-Fire Science
Reyes, Juanita, PT-Spanish
Semmes, Laura, PT-Sociology

15 Years
Martinez, Andres, Business
Agundez, Rebecca, PT-AlliedHealth Profession
Cloud, Maria Elena, PT-Spanish
Galaviz, Alejandra, PT- American Sign Language
Olmedo, Jose, PT-Art
20 Years
Lovitt, Paige, Counselor
Pradis, Ricardo, Industrial Technology
Esquer Maria, Counselor
Arguelles, Trinidad, Counseling Chair
Simpson, Scott, English
Voldman, Aleksandr, Mathematics
Spears, Wayne, PT-Athletics Counselor
25 Years
Mecate, James II, PE/Athletic Director

30 Years
Canez-Savala, Said, EOPSCounselor

5 Years
Aguilar, Jose, Custodian
Chronister, Wesley, Vehicle and Equipment Mechanic
Garcia, Angelica, Office Assistant II
Garcia, Javier, Custodian
Gonzalez, Sara , Student Success Specialist
Marquez, Jorge, Grounds
Maintenance Worker
Moreno, Maricela, Student Success Specialist
Olmedo, Rafael, Custodian
Romo, Humberto, Grounds Maintenance Worker
Tukes, Tiffany, Student Services Technician
Villa, Alexis, Associate Dean, Student Equity & Achievement
Hernandez, Diane, Library Technician III

10 Years
Aguilar, Alejandro, Senior Programmer/System Analyst
Gonzalez, Norma, Student Services Technician

15 Years
Prock, Jessica, Administrative Secretary
Rendon, Arturo, Maintenance Worker II
Solache, Rebeca, Nursing Simu & Compt. Lab Technician
Veliz, Analisa, Administrative Secretary
Reyes, Marcia, Accounts Payable/Receivable Coordinator
Green, Joann, Office Assistant III

20 Years
Cardoza, Saria, Administrative Secretary
Cital, Mirella, Staff Support Technician
Felix- Ayala, Irma, Library Technician I
Gonzalez, Gabriel, Academic Systems Specialist
Marin, Rosalio, Math Lab Instructional Special
Monte Smith, Mary Ann, Senior Library Technician
Montes, Raul, Custodian Poor, David, A & R Officer
Robles, Patricia, Economic & Workforce Dev Coord
Sanchez, Martha, Human Resources Analyst
Torres, Rafael, Custodian

25 Years
Webster, Rick, Director ofMaintenance/Operation


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