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Nursing Program Update:

Upcoming RN application deadlines:

Teas Exam
RN Information Session.

Upcoming application deadlines:

RN Program
March 1st – 29th, 2024 for Fall 2024 admission

RN / LVN to RN Application

LVN Program
March 3rd- 31st, 2025 for Fall 2025 admission

LVN Application

LVN to RN Program
March 1st – 29th, 2024 for Fall 2024 admission

Thank you. 


  IVC offers an exciting and rigorous Nursing Program for men and women who are 18 years of age or older, in good health, and can lift over 35lbs minimum. Meeting eligibility requires completion of the program's admission criteria and passing a pre-entrance test. Students must apply to the program and if selected, are invited to join a nursing class. The IVC Nursing Program adheres to the same rules, regulations, and philosophy as stated in the College catalog and the program's nursing student handbook. Additional policies are required to meet both the standards by the California Board of Registered Nursing and the clinical training facilities. The program is located in 2100 Building (Currently under construction).

The very first RN class started in 1971 graduating 30 students. The RN Program continues to be the only nursing program in the Valley, graduating students every semester. The curriculums are continually modified to keep up with the standards of the Board of Nursing, the nursing industry, and healthcare community. This is a two-year, four-semester program whereby students are awarded an Associate of Science degree in Registered Nursing from IVC and eligible to take the national licensure exam called the NCLEX-RN.


Multi-Criteria Grid and Points
Prerequisite Equivalencies Grid
Eligibility Worksheet (for student use)
GPA Calculator
Previous Convictions/Misdemeanors
Transfer Students
Military Veterans
Curriculum and Description
RN Information Session
Nursing Student Handbook 

Additional Resources:



  • Reviewing the College Catalog for all nursing requirements and the for RN pathway.
  • Making an appointment with the IVC Nursing Counselor
  • Completing the online Nursing Session to get the most up-to-date program information. Students need to verify they have attended a session on the nursing application.
  • Take the prerequisite courses
  • Preparing for the TEAS Pre-entrance Test
  • Apply to the Nursing Program


Information Sessions 

Information sessions for the nursing program are the student's first step in the preparation process toward nursing at IVC. These are extremely valuable in guiding and preparing the student to apply for RN and LVN. The information Session is available to complete online. 

RN Information Session

 Admission Criteria

The following criteria is required to apply – students should refer to the College Catalog to make sure of course descriptions and requirements of each course. The Multi-Criteria Grid outlines the point values that will determine ranking for the Nursing Program:

  • Sciences: BIOL 220 General Microbiology, BIOL 200 or BIOL 204 Human Anatomy, and BIOL 202 or BIOL 206 Human Physiology – no less than a 2.5 overall GPA. (BIOL courses have prerequisites, refer to course descriptions)
  • General Education 'Fixed Set': PSY 204 Developmental Psychology, ENG 110 Composition & Reading, MATH 091 Intermediate Algebra, SOC 101 Introductory Sociology or ANTH 102 Cultural Anthropology, COMM 100 Oral Communication, and NURS 100 Medication Mathematics – no less than a 2.5 overall GPA
    • Recommended courses considered for points: READ 111 Analytical & Critical Reading, ENG 201 Advanced Composition, and MATH 110 or an advanced MATH Course
  • ATI TEAS Pre-entrance Test score of 62% or higher


Applying to the Program

When ready to apply, the nursing application must include the following documentation to be considered:

  • Unofficial copies of transcripts from all colleges, universities, and/or technical schools attended, including copies already filed with Admissions and Records at IVC.
  • Copy of TEAS Results showing 62% or higher if taken at IVC – official TEAS transcript required if taken at other institutions
    • Language Proficiency:
      • Documented proficiency or advanced level coursework in languages other than English. At IVC, coursework includes successful completion of AMSL 200, 202 or 204, FREN 201 or 211, SPAN 200, 210 220 or 221. High school AP results in advance level language courses accepted, or
      • Letter from employer verifying 'ability to communicate (speak, read, and write) in a healthcare setting' in any other language other than English.
    • Relevant Degrees and Certificates:
      • AA/AS/BS/BA/MS/MA Degree or LVN or Paramedic License
      • Allied Health Certification (must be State certified and current)
      • Relevant Work (in healthcare) or Volunteer Experience (volunteer 100 or more hours)


Estimated costs include all costs associated with 4 semesters of the Nursing Program - tuition, parking, student fees, textbooks, materials, supplies, health requirements, graduation, and licensing fees – that approximate to $8,400.00. The 'Estimated Costs' sheet breaks down these fees by semester.

Estimated Costs

Selection to the Program

All applications received during the open periods will be considered for admission. A point system is used following the Multi-Criteria Grid to determine status. Applicants are ranked and the top ranking will be invited to join a nursing class, up to 30 slots may be available per class. Applications missing any of the required documentation or have not met the required GPA will not be considered. Applicants will be notified of their status by email 60 days after the last day of the deadline period. IVC does not place applications on a wait list.

If admitted, the clearances below will be required. Students must be compliant in all required clearances before attending the clinical areas. The IVC Student Health Center can assist students in fulfilling their health requirements. 

  • Background Check & Drug Screen
  • Current BLS card for healthcare providers from the American Heart Association
  • Basic physical examination
  • TB/PPD skin test



Nursing Learning Center

The Nursing Learning Center (NLC) is an integral part of the Nursing Program where nursing students can obtain the necessary resources to complete assignments and obtain tutorial assistance. The NLC is staffed by RN faculty, and use of the Center requires signing in. If admitted to the program, enrollment in Independent Studies courses below are strongly recommended.

  • NURS 081
  • NURS 082
  • NURS 083
  • NURS 084

Career Pathways

The pathway for the Associate of Science degree in Registered Nursing is outlined in the IVC Catalog . RN to BSN pathways for IVC nursing students include: