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Basic Skills

The Basic Skills Committee meets the first Tuesday of each month, from 12:50p.m-1:50p.m


The mission of the Basic Skills Committee for Imperial Valley College is to find ways to increase student success and retention rates in basic skills classes involving reading, writing, ESL, and math; to increase student skill levels in these areas so that students are better prepared for their academic and career goals; to provide training for IVC instructors so that they can better understand and teach basic skills students; and to generally support best practices to achieve these ends.


The function of the committee is to develop policies necessary to the implementation of the Basic Skills Initiative mandated by the State.


Committee is composed of the following voting members: Basic Skills Coordinator, Faculty Representative from Math, Faculty Representative form reading, Faculty Representative from writing, Faculty Representative from ESL, Faculty Representative from Career Technical, Faculty Representative from a non-basic skills discipline, Representative from counseling, English Department Chair, Math Department Chair & ESL Department Chair. All meetings are open to any other faculty who wishes to participate as a non-voting member.

  • MembersAudrey Morris, Basic Skills Coordinator
  • Mardjan Shokoufi, Faculty Representative for Math
  • Cynthia Spence, Faculty Representative for Writing
  • Nancy Lay, Faculty Representative for Reading
  • Allyn Leon, Math Department Coordinator
  • Gordon Bailey, Faculty Representative for Career Technical
  • Sydney Rice, ESL Department Chair
  • Ed Scheuerell, Faculty Representative for ESL
  • Dr. Russell Lavery, Non-Basic Skill Discipline
  • Michael Heumann, English Department Chair
  • Norma Nunez, Representative for Counseling
  • Zhong Hu, Math Lab Tutorial Specialist


Basic Skills